Thursday, September 15, 2011

Global Protest for Rohingya Rights in Burma

15 September 2011: More than 100 people rallied in front of the Burmese Embassy in London, UK to show solidarity in condemning human rights violations against Rohingyas in Burma.

In today's protest organised as part of the global action for the Rohingyas, the new government of Burma led by ex-Gen President Thein Sein is denounced for its 'baseless and concocted' allegation in the current political forum in Naypyidaw.

Tun Khin, Chairman of the Burmese Rohingya Organisation UK, said: "We are here today to condemn Thein Sein's government because the Rohingyas are accused of being 'illegal immigrants', denied rights of citizenship, and attempted to completely eliminate the whole communities through ethnic cleansing."

Speaking to Chinland Guardian, Tun Khin said: "I would like to take this opportunity to express our thanks to all the people today for their support. It is also very important that we continue to keep this sense of togetherness and work together for our country in the future."

A joint statement released today by a total of 8 Rohingya communities worldwide called on Burma's government to immediately restore the fundamental human rights and freedom, citizenship rights and ethnic rights in the country.

The demonstration had other key speakers and representatives from Kachin, Karen, and Chin communities, and from organisations including Burma Campaign UK, 88 Generation Students, Christian Solidarity Worldwide, Burma Democratic Concern and Burmese Muslim Association UK.

Highlighting the situation in Burma, Wai Hnin Pwint Thon, whose father is still serving a jail sentence as one of the many political prisoners, said: "When we talk about freedom, it is not only for one person but for all the peoples in Burma."

Chin activist, Shwekey Hoipang, a Christian pastor working as a missionary in Arakan State in the 1990s, said he eye-witnessed a series of human rights violations, arbitrary persecution and discrimination against the Rohingyas by the military dictatorship.

The statement also urged the UN, EU, ASEAN and international communities to mount effective pressures on Thein Sein's government to cease its ongoing human rights violations against the Rohingyas, to protect their rights, freedom, and legitimate interests, and provide them necessary assistance.

It is estimated that there are about 2million Rohingyas living along the western border of Burma. 

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