Wednesday, October 5, 2011

21-Rohingya pushed back to Burma by BGB

Balu Khali, Cox’s Bazar: Twenty one Rohingyas were pushed back to Burma by Bangladesh Border Guard (BGB) from September 29 to October 3, through various points, according to BGB sources.

At first, five Rohingyas were arrested by the police of Shonar Para Bazar police station under Cox’s Bazar district while they were going to Cox’s Bazar, on October 3, at about 6:00 pm, for searching works. The all arrestees were from Kutupalong unofficial refugee camp, according to police source. 

The arrested refugees were identified as Mohamed Zubair (22), Ali Hussain (25), Ms Sanzid Begum (18), Ms Fatema Noor (15), and Arafat (70).  Besides, the police arrested another five Rohingyas from the local villages after launching an operation. The all arrestees were brought to police station for more interrogations.

Later on, they were handed over to BGB personnel of Balu Khali BGB border camp. From which, they were pushed back to Burma through Balu Khali border point. After they were pushed back, it is not known what the fates of the people are; a source said who has good relation with Sonar Para police station.

In unofficial Kutupalong camp, there are over 40,000 refugees have been living without getting any supporting from any quarter since three years ago. They built small huts with bushes and plastic sheets to protect from rain, heat and cold. Very often, their huts had been destroyed by strong winds and heavy rains. They earn money for their livelihood doing works nearby local areas and other places. Sometimes, they are not allowed to go out of the camp to work in local areas so that they cannot able to purchase anything for their family members. As a result, most of the refugees in the camp pass nights without food, said a refugee leader from the camp who did not disclose his name.  

In addition, on September 29, the BGB personnel of Battalion No.42 of Teknaf also arrested 11-Rohingya from various points while crossing Burma-Bangladesh border. They were arrested along the border of Shafuri Dip to Teknaf, at about 11:00 am and pushed back to Burma in the evening, according to BGB official source.

The Rohingyas came to Bangladesh for working, medical treatment, paying visit to their relatives in refugee camps, and to contact with their relatives who have been living in abroad as the phone calling rate is very expensive in Burma and some came to avoid harassment in Burma by the concerned authorities, said a trader from Maungdaw north. 
Source: Kaladan Press

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