Saturday, March 24, 2012

Signature Campaign to Save Irrawaddy

Target: President U Thein Sein, Union of Myanmar
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Background (Preamble):
In 2006, former military regime of Myanmar entered a US$20 billion contract with Chinese government to build 7 dams, largest one being Myitsone Dam, at the source of Irrawaddy river in northernmost area of Myanmar.

Irrawaddy river is the main artery of Myanmar upon which millions of Myanmar peoples' livelihood depend. Once this project is complete, the devastation to the ecosystem of entire country, it's invaluable rain forest and wild lives, the flora and fauna that thrives along Irrawaddy river is unimaginable. Current President of Myanmar, U Thein Sen, has put this project on hold until the end of his term in 2015.

Please sign the petition to Myanmar President U Thein Sein urging him to cancel this entire project permanently.
Honourable President U Thein Sein,

We the undersigned concerned Myanmar Diaspora living abroad, in due exercise of our liberty and in unison, hereby respectfully voice our following urgent concerns regarding the situations inside our motherland.

We would like to draw your attention to the projects funded by Chinese government inside Myanmar. They are namely: Myitsone Dam project, Shwe Gas Pipeline project. All spell disaster inside our motherland.

The independent Environmental Impact Report has clearly stated that the Myitsone Dam project will affect not only the millions of people whose livelihood depends on the Irrawaddy River, but it will also have an unimaginable devastating effect on flora and fauna that thrives along the Irrawaddy River as well as Myanma’s ecosystem, its invaluable rain forest and wild life.

The Shwe Gas pipeline and Oil pipeline projects will cause irreparable damage to the entire pristine coastline along Myanmar’s Rakhine (Arakan) State as well as the areas where these pipelines cross if any accident should happen along these pipelines and the oil tankers that carry crude oil from abroad to our shores.

Furthermore, the Myanmar people receive no benefit at all from these projects. The Chinese government provides all the labor, equipment and materials to these projects. As the Chinese are self-sustainable, the Chinese laborers don’t even need to buy and food locally. These projects provide zero to no job opportunities to the Myanmar people.

We are therefore, hereby, urge you to cancel the entire Myitsone Dam project and pipeline projects completely, permanently and immediately. We also urge you to strive to maintain the sustainability of the environment in the entire Southeast Asia region by cooperating with and living in peace and harmony among Myanmar’s neighbors. We pledge to support you and Daw Aung San Suu Kyi in the efforts to rebuild our motherland to become a prosperous and true democratic country which would become a model to the modern world.

Save Irrawaddy – San Francisco Bay Area – United States of America
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