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Myanmar’s Reforms: an Opportunity or a Threat to opposition groups?

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Suu Kyi and Hillary Clinton - Myanmar’s Reforms: an Opportunity or a Threat to opposition groups?
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Famous persons in the likes of David Cameron, Kevin Rudd and Hillary Clinton made a significant visit in Myanmar and were very enthusiastic about the changes that transpired in the country.
Speaking of politics, the common interests of the people must be the first and foremost main objective of the government. According to Mitch McConnell, US Senator who is a high ranking Republican said being in politics, the government must be of good service to its nation and toward its people. Seeing a constructive effort in pursuing reforms, he has high hopes that Burma will attain to the fullest what it has been striving for, news from Diplomatic Courier said.
The interests of the Western union and U.S. towards Myanmar are very obvious. This is because of its geographic location, its abundance in natural resources, and its relationship with China.
Moving towards change can provide the people of Myanmar and the country favourable conditions and situations. For instance, the clamour for democracy and reconciliation will surely take place, the respect for every human right will be restored and values of democracy will be instilled to every citizen, further opening of more investments in the country and most importantly the transition into a civil government.

For decades of military rule, people were estranged with the government, but this time the people must have the right to exercise their freedom, the right to talk and the right to be heard by the government. With the presence of democracy leader Aung Sun Suu Kyi in the parliament, it is deemed possible that she will stand for the people in this country.

The people and government should work on a two way street, that is both should have the trust and support for each other. People must have the ability to respect and trust the government committed to working hard for the betterment of the nation. Thein Sein and Thein Htay have steadfastly devoted their time to encouraged changes such as the construction of infrastructures, put a stop to corruption and dishonesty, end human abuses and violations and other issues.

A harmonious relationship of Myanmar with other international communities must be established so as to further the advancement on business trade and industry.

Nobel Prize winner Ms. Suu Kyi must be treated and acknowledged as a lawful and respected official leader. She is the epitome of a true, genuine democratic leader. People in the military should work hand in hand with her so as to attain more reforms democratically.

However, in dealing with these reforms, Myanmar is faced with challenges and confronted with difficulties. The friction between the US and China regarding their own lines of interest might hinder the reforms being undertaken. Both the Western Union and the US must take into account the diplomatic ties between Myanmar and China with regards the trade relations

A report furnished by Bangkok Post, Min Aung Hlaing, a 54 year old who is a part of a younger generation of Burma generals, said that advocating social, economic and political reforms will paved the way for a better and progressive nation thus there is a need for an exerted effort to achieve its goal.

Foreign dignitaries and other famous officials of other countries who had visit Myanmar has plans to go back again in Myanmar to perceived what has become of Myanmar from the time they first saw the changes to the present situation where Myanmar is moving advance for its growth and expansion.

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