Monday, June 4, 2012

10 Burmese Muslims has been killed by Rakhines while religious-oriented journey

People from above list are Muslims who left from Tachan Pai Mosque to Than Dwe for Chila (religious-oriented journey). On  their way back to Yangon from Than Twe Mosque on June 3, 2012  , 30 Rhakhine Buddhists killed them with knives at Taung Goute  which is situated on the way.The number of the car which carried Muslims who were killed is 7 (Ga) 7868 and it was also burnt. The other 5 Muslims escaped.The list above is  only 8 from 10 victims. The corpses were buried in Than Dwe on 3rd June 2012 evening. The Rakhine killed 10 Muslims. 8 are about list and the other 2 victims are from Thandwe Township. The Rakhines are threatening the Muslims of the other towns of Rakhine state too.

Source : DVB

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