Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Over 2000 Rohingya protested in Kuala Lumpur on 12-6-2012

Urgent Appeal for the Intervention to save the Rohingya people in Arakan State, Burma and to End Humanitarian Crisis as well

Your Excellency,

We, the peace loving people from different parts of the world would like to express our deep and great concern over the ongoing grave situation in Arakan causing great consideration to the people. We are sending our urgent request to you to immediately intervene and protect million Rohingya people of Arakan from pre-planned means of genocide.

The quick deterioration of the situation since the end of last week, after a heinous crime against a young lady turned into racial turmoil with the targeting Muslims by a mob in Taungup, and later targeting the Rohingya villagers by ultra-racist Rakhine and government forces in Maungdaw Township. It spread to all townships in Arakan state. The situation is more violent, the victims are more women, children and elders. Over 1500 Rohingyas are reportedly killed, while more than 3000 Rohingya were severely injured who are unable to get medication to save their lives while rest of Rohingya people are starving without food and water. We have no access to information on what is happening inside Arakan after imposing the emergency act 144 by military (Martial law). Some contacts over the phone told us that para-military and racist Rakhine are burning the Rhingya houses and shot the unarmed Rohingya civilian when they come out. Some Rohingya were purportedly burned alive. All dead and wounded bodies are taken away by the government forces.

News comes out from personal talk of military officer and media that government plan to kill and clean all Muslin from Arakan state. The information confirms all UN agencies and NGO left from Arakan State.
It is true that most of news media are backed by the racist Rakhine groups and thus the agencies are focusing in accurate information, accusing the innocent Muslim Rohingyas who are totally defenceless and voiceless in all means.

If there is no intervention, all of Muslim Rohingya in Arakan will eliminated from the face of the earth. Killing and burning the houses are still going on every day and night. The situation is going from bad to worse. There is no way to stay silent and to watch the people dying.

  1. We urged the immediate action to stop this serious genocide, ethnic cleaning by sending UN peace-keeping force to Arakan to protect innocent people.

  1. We urge UN to send UN mission to control the serious situation in Arakan State and save the remaining Rohingya people as quickly as possible.

  1. It is very serious and grave situation and urgent need for international intervention to save lives.

  1. We call on the international media to monitor closely on the serious situation in Arakan.

  1. We urge International Humanitarian group to step up its presence in Arakan State to support humanitarian work, consisting of Emergency Medical Team and Relief Agencies to save the lives of injured and starving people.

  1. We want explanation of the real situation in Arakan State from Burma regime.

  1. We also demand that the UN constitutes an independent and impartial inquiry commission to investigate the crime against humanity and bring the killers to justices.


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  1. Peace loving? Stealing Land, breading like rabbits, aiming to turn Rakhine State to Rohingya state. Asking for own independence state. Who knows what after that. You people speak bangali, culture and religious are the same. Over the years these people illegally enter into burma and lie about living in Burma for generations.
    Good try. All of them are the same where you all learn lies from?