Monday, June 18, 2012

Rohingya situation on 16 June 2012

Last 4 hours ago, Hamid (age-12 yr girl) was killed Rakhine Police in Kiladang ,Maungdaw Township. Her brother confirmed it from the ground.

Received some people name who were involved attacks on Rohingya villages in Maungdaw .Rakhine are Maung Soe Win ,Mg Mg Che,U Kaung ,Pho Tha Tu ,Ney Min Twe. Maungdaw Ward(4) Ploice officers  Hla Myint ,Tun Tun Kyaw, Maung Cha,  Tin Aye ( Who killed 10 yr Rohingya girl),Bo Latt, Aung Kyaw Thein. They killed more than 150 Rohingya people (confirmed).Dead body found 36 and other taken by Police Trucks.There are more than 100 people still missing in Maungdaw.

Rakhine people burnt in Haindapara  Village, Maungdaw ,Arakan State.The attacks taken place in  Arpauk Warr village Kyauktaw Town ,Arakan State and clashed with Rohingyas. 1 Rohingya died (confirmed)  and Rakhine burnt 21 houses.

Rakhines rounded up by  Aung Dine village and Sakyar village in Min Bya Town, Rakhine State. Rohingya people from Min Bya town are worrying and do not know what time Rakhine will set fire their villages. This  information is confirmed and received it  it our contact in Rangoon just now.

Rohingya people are seriously and painfully suffering from food shortage as authorities are not at all helping Rohingya with food while Rakhines has been enjoying all sorts of cares from authorities. Moreover, Rakhines public is not selling food to Rohingya making things extremely difficult for Rohingya's survival. 

They need immediate supply of food, clothes and medicine. People are dying of hunger and lack of medical care, shelters and clothing. We need immediate UN and international help to save the Rohingya people. It is clearly understood that Military government is not doing any to help save lives of Rohingya people in the most effected areas such as Akyab, Maungdaw, Rathidaung, Buthidaung and other cities. 

In Santoli of Akyab Rohingyas Muslims are being circled by Rakhine mobs and  most of the Rohingyas didn’t have food one week now.

The authority is not allowing the general public to bring supply of food from other areas to the effected areas. Therefore it is seriously important to give international pressures to the military junta to immediately allow the public supply necessary food, medicine and clothing as well as sheltering equipment

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