Saturday, July 21, 2012

Update Reports of Arakan state till July 20, 2012

Source from NDPHR(exile),

19 July: An old man who alert in fasting times from Quarter-1 (Fayazi fara), was dead yesterday after struggled with the bullet shot at the leg by military since 15 July.

Unreported report of 6 July
According to Mr Sharuk, a member of Rohingya Human Rights Organization-MERHROM based in Malaysia, confirmed that a 10yo Rohingya boy s/o Md Ali from Laungdong village of Nasaka area(5) near Kyein Chaung, was shot by Na-Sa-Ka. As aid and medication are still restricted, some villagers did manage to send the boy for hospitalization at Bangladesh. A day after, the family members those involved in helping including Ali Zohar family were accused of spreading news and taken away by Na-Sa-Ka authority for questioning. They were at last 14 people including women and children, were now confirmed missing.
(a group of Rohingyas carrying by military in a different occasion)
Regarding this case, president of Village Peace and Development Council- Maung Thein (Rakhine) and in-charge of Na-Sa-Ka for this area- are still extorting randomly about 200,000 Kyat from villagers. Those who doesn't have money on hand are forced to transfer money at Yangon via their relatives living in foreign.

18 July, Kaladan Press: Rashid s/o Nawbi Hussain, Harron s/o Habibul Rahaman, Ayas s/o Zawru, Anwar s/o Mason and Omar Faruck s/o Mason from Myothu Gyi village, were arrested by a military intelligence officer Shwe Oo and a police officer from three-mile check point,  yesterday morning at about 8:00am. The officers were without uniform while they arrested the Rohingyas from the village market. Omar Faruck is working at Buthidaung town as a field officer of ACF(Hunger for Action) and was stranded there during the riot period and returned back last week.
Similarly, Ali Husson, the responsible person of Religious gathering center of Myoma Kyaoungdan village and Ellu s/o Master Gaffor from Ward number(2) were arrested yesterday from office and home by police.
Yesterday evening, a Rohingya youth from Bomu village who came out from his village and tried to buy some foods, was chased by Hluntin personnel. He ran  back into his village and Hluntin forces entered the village where the security forces attempted to rape females. While females raised hue and cry, the villagers rushed to the spot and the security force leaved the village.

Rathedaung Township

19 July, Kaladan Press: Yesterday, army went to the Rajabill (Auknanra) village and tried to arrest the villagers but all the villagers ran away. At last, the army arrested one villager, Abul Shama-45 and his wife who was Rakhine origin.

Buthidaung township
18 July, Kaladan Press: Some Rohingyas including Abdul Rahim-14 s/o Hafez Adul Ali from Ward number(5) were arrested by police yesterday.

17 July: According to Mr Sharuk, a member of Rohingya Human Rights Organization-MERHROM based in Malaysia, most of the male Rohingyans were fled away from U Hla Fay village upon the arrival of authority in the evening. Then authority started raping, looting and brutal abuses. Family members who confronted with authority during abuses were beaten to death. At least 4 women and 2 men were dead in the scene.

Kyuakpyu township
19 July: Muslims are still confined by military. From the past weeks Rakhine people demand to isolate all muslims aside by removing from the town that means they all would be relocated at designated area. The source said authorities and Rakhine leaders had several meetings for implementation of it.

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