Monday, November 12, 2012

NaSaKa Tortured Rohingya Family to Sign as Bangali on Forms in Pauk Taw Tsp

         Myanmar government organized a commission which includes Immigration, Nasaka(Boarder Security Force), Military, etc to investigate Rohingyas if they are citizens of Myanmar according to the 1982 citizenship law or not. They are using three questioning forms (papers).

           According to a local Rohingya from Pauk Taw, on 10th of Nov 2012, the commission went to the house of Soyod Hussein @ Dudu Meya s/o Abdu Sothor in Anauk Yway @ Aanu Raing village tract, Pauk Taw town ship and forcibly asked Soyod Hussein and his son Emam Hussein to sign on the form (mentioning their ethnicity and religion as Begali and Islam).

 The Rohingyas denied to sign saying “we are not Begali, we are Rohingyas”. Then they were seriously beaten, at the end they were made to sign on the forms by torturing.

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