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Announcement from Burmese Rohingya Majority Representing Organization in USA

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Ref: BRAFA 02/12
Date: November 30, 2012
Announcement of the Burmese Rohingya American Friendship Association
With pleasure, we, the members of Burmese Rohingya American Friendship Association (BRAFA) are very pleased to announce the formation of BRAFA formed on the date of September 01, 2012 by the Rohingya American and residents in Milwaukee, Wisconsin State after extensive consultation and discussion among the Rohingya members to advocate the cause of UN documented the most persecuted ethnic Rohingya minority people of the world as well as to draw world-public opinion in favor of the Rohingyas’ rights to survive as equal Burmese citizens with dignity and honor in their homeland of Arakan-Burma.
On the basis of new development, the United States of America is now engaged to establishing a strong relationship with Burma after easing all sanctions from Burma which is also known as Myanmar. The American government has already established full diplomatic relation with Burma too. So, American people should know about Burma, its people and current situation.
In Burma there seem amazing changes and it is opening to the world after many years of isolation but in a remote corner of Burma, in the North-western region known as Arakan for centuries which name was changed to Rakhine State in 1974 by the previous Burmese military government, there lives a people known as Rohingya, an indigenous and native people of old Arakan Kingdom. They are being identified as Burmese Rohingya as now Arakan is a part of Burma.
The people of America and Burma know very little about the Rohingya people. Interaction between the two countries has not been at the people’s level, but it has been very largely limited to each other’s government. The need to open a channel for people to people interaction between the people of USA and Rohingya people of Burma gave birth to the “Burmese Rohingya American Friendship Association (BRAFA)” in a general meeting held on the date of September 01, 2012 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin State with the initiative and active participation of Burma and Rohingya origin US citizens and residence.
Mission Statement
The mission of the BRAFA is to work with the United States Government, particularly with the United States Senate, House of Representatives, and the States Department to facilitate the legislative and the Burmese Rohingyas’ policy-issues.
The BRAFA shall implement projects for Rohingya refugees, immigrants, and residents in the United States in the field of education, professional development sectors, social welfare, cultural and community development so as to promote the friendship and harmony between the people of USA and entire ethnic Burmese nationalities in particular, the Burmese Rohingya people of Arakan State who are the victims of controlled genocide and inhuman atrocities.
Aims and Objectives of BRAFA
1-      To promote values of democracy, human rights, equality, justice and freedom, and strive for peace in Arakan-Burma and the world,
2-      To create awareness in both countries (USA and Burma) about common issues, building mutual trust and common opinion on the rights of self-determination in order to strengthen friendship towards strong solidarity in stopping human rights abuses, inhuman atrocities, racial discrimination, genocide and ethnic cleansing against the Rohingyas in Burma,
3-      To work together with all concerned quarters for the restoration of Rohingyas fundamental human rights in Arakan-Burma through democratic and peaceful means by organizing needful programs and events to create awareness on the suffering of Rohingya people and finding a durable political and humanitarian solution for them,
4-      To cooperate with all concerned quarters especially, the Burmese Rohingya institutions working for the same aims and objectives of BRAFA with respect and honor,
5-      To advocate the cause of world most persecuted Rohingya minority people and draw world-public opinion in favor of the Rohingyas’ rights to survive as equal Burmese citizens with dignity and respect in their homeland of Arakan-Burma,
6-      To enhance particularly, strategic planning and policy in spirits of peace and stability throughout circumstantial initiatives,
7-       Maintain communications with US government, local and international NGOs, civil societies and communities, human rights organizations world-wide including the United Nations regarding the plights of Rohingya people,
The Burmese Rohingya American Friendship Association (BRAFA) has been functioning since the date of formation with the elected office bearers and members of the following Executive Committee. The Executive Committee members are elected for a term of 4-year period.
Advisory Council
(1)    Dr. Shaik Sayeed (Medical Doctor & ISM Board Member)
(2)    Sheikh Ziad Hamdan (Imam & Member of Islamic Society of Milwaukee-ISM)
(3)    Bro. Salah Sarsour (ISM Religious Chairman & Head of MAS Milwaukee Chapter)
(4)    Bro. Will Perry (Executive Director of Islamic Dawah Center)
(5)    Bro. Mohamed Sandid (ISM Board Member)
(6)    Bro. Jamal M. Amro (Director of Dura Services)
(7)    Bro. Hashim Zaibak, Pharm.D. ( HAYAT-Pharmacy Manager) 
Executive Committee
1-      Shaukhat Kyaw Soe Aung @ MSK Jilani (Chairman)
2-      Hussain Saifulla (Vice-Chairman)
3-      Max Zubair Ahmad (General Secretary)
4-      Ali Hussein Shakur (Office Secretary)
5-      Har Jee (Finance Secretary)
6-      Maung Maung Ya Min (Audit Secretary)
7-      Ga Ni (Management Secretary)
8-      Khaing Hla Myint (Human Rights & Refugee Affairs Secretary)
9-      Harun Rashid (Public Relation & Empowerment Secretary)
10-   Maung Tue @ Kamal Hussain (Media, information & Publication Secretary)
11-   Ar Lee (Organizing Secretary)
12-   Era Sam (Member)
13-   Ah Jee (Member)
14-   Ja La (Member)
15-   Ayu Khan (Member)
16-   Kyaw Maung (Member)
17-   Mohamad Ayub (Member)
18-   Nuru Islam (Member)
19-   Hla Win Hasan (Member)
20-   Noor Alam (Member)
21-   Maung Tin (Member)
22-   Rahmat Ullah (Member)
23-   Aung Kyi (Member)
24-   Ka Sem (Member)
25-   Min Thu Naing @ Mohamed Rafiq (Member)
26-   Mohamed Hafiz @ Maung Shwe Hla (Member)
27-   Mohamad Yosuf (Member)
Family and Children’s Affairs
1-      Sr. Mi Cho
2-      Sr. Swa Bay Da
3-      Sr. Ma Rasul Bi
4-      Sr. A Ti
With Best Wishes and Regards,
The Executive Committee
Burmese Rohingya American Friendship Association (BRAFA)
Milwaukee, Wisconsin State
Contact Information: (1) Shaukhat @ MSK Jilani (Tel: 414-736 4273), (2) Max Zubair (Tel: 414-306 1752)

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