Thursday, February 7, 2013

6,000 Rohingya arrivals since October

A total of 5,899 Rohingya migrants have illegally entered Thailand by sea on 48 occasions since October last year, Internal Security Operations Command (Isoc) spokesman Dithaporn Sasasamit said on Thursday.
Lt-Gen Dithaporn said of that number, 1,752 -- 1,442 men and 310 women and children --  are still in Thailand.  Others have been pushed out.

Of the male migrants, 1,177 have been lodged at holding centres run by the Immigration Police Bureau in Songkhla and nearby provinces and 265 are staying at a centre run by another agency.  The 310 women and children are now in the care of the social development and human security office of Songkhla.

Under a resolution made at a meeting of agencies at the Foreign Ministry on Jan 25, the Rohingya are to be provided with humanitarian aid for a period of not over six months.

During the six months the Foreign Ministry is to coordinate with the country of origin to issue documents to confirm their citizenship and take the illegal migrants back, and at the same time coordinate with third countries to take them for resettlement.

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