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Myanmar's Thein Sein - Oversee a Genocide and then Receive a Nobel Prize?

Source Salam News, 26 April
Once coveted award is now handed to false heroes and a president overseeing a Genocide.
Rohingya expulsion
Image by Carlos Latuff, friend of Salem-News in Brazil.
(SACRAMENTO, CA) - Burma, or Myanmar as it is called today, was run by a military junta for several decades, and in recent years, opened the country to democracy, (cough) and allowed Hillary Clinton and her band of corporate rapists to sink their teeth into this mostly unexploited, virgin-like SE Asian country.

People will do a lot for money and power. In fact Clinton's buddy during all of this, is the once respected Aung San Suu Kyi, who many of us viewed as a hero among world leaders. She spent years under house arrest in her native country, her father was a highly relished Burmese political leader. (see: Aung San Shoot Thee?)

Once 'democracy' started taking hold in Burma, fear of government fell, and the majority Rakhine Buddhists turned their sites on the native Rohingya Muslim population.

Aung San Suu Kyi kept her mouth shut and was given a Nobel Prize, now the national leader, Thein Sein, who has overseen the murder of hundreds, (probably thousands) of Rohingyas, the eradication of their villages by fire, and the placement of survivors in heavily documented 'IDP camps' -
Rohingya mom after Buddhist attack.
has reportedly been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize, casting him alongside figures such as "Egypt's Mother Teresa" Maggie Gobran, US army whistleblower Bradley Manning, and a 15-year-old Pakistani schoolgirl named Malala, Mizzima News reports.

The people Sein and Suu Kyi turns her back on, the Rohingyas, are considered the most abused people in the world. Exterminated, abused, Rohingya women are sexually violated almost routinely, with no recourse of any kind.

The goal of the Burmese government and Buddhist mob leaders has been to brand them as "illegal immigrants" from Bangladesh, which they are not. In fact, there is indispensable evidence of Rohingya Muslims living in Burma for hundreds of years.

Of course it goes without saying that only a truly lawless band of religious extremists living as an immoral mass of humanity with extremely poor education, would be so bizarre in their interpretations.
The government of Myanmar wants to kill and oppress Muslims the way Sri Lanka takes out Hindus and Christians. Buddhist militant extremism is one of the biggest problems in the world today.

Summer of 2012

Alleged Buddhist rape murder victim
Myanmar, home of the Buddhist bigot
In June of 2012, a Buddhist woman was reportedly raped and murdered by Rohingya Muslims in Burma, one of whom was executed, the others all died in custody. That should have been enough.
Photos of a woman's dead body with her clothing on was circulated and attributed to Rohingyas. The inside scoop is that the woman was in a relationship with a Rohingya and that she was murdered by her own people - the crime hung on the political enemy of the Buddhists.

In other words, based on a number of credible accounts, the rape and murder of a Buddhist woman was a sham, a false flag event; by all accounts the crime never took place.

As if part of a continuing plan, the following day after this terribly sensational headline was reported, ten Muslim men were ripped out of a public bus on a city street and hideously murdered by Buddhists. These men had nothing in the world to do with the so-called crime involving the Buddhist woman, they lived hundreds of miles from where the alleged incident happened. Since then hundreds of been murdered, and tens of thousands place in camps.
From: My Oh Myanmar !

Insiders say the rape was staged by a militant monk named Wirathu, who is a key leader in the militant Buddhist "969″ movement, which seeks to exterminate all Muslims in Burma. As hard as it may be to believe, the Buddhists of Myanmar wear swastika's on their clothing, according to a recent report. Images of Hitler are common, it makes no sense yet is true.

The alleged rape was all it took to bring the Rohingya population great harm. Less than a year ago, Muslims and Buddhists lived in peace, and now the country has a Bosnia-style Genocide on its hands.

The most recent incident carried out by the government of Nobel Prize Nominee Sein Thein involved forcing Rohingya children to sign a note stating they are immigrants from Bangladesh for the Myanmar national census.


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