Wednesday, September 11, 2013

219 Rohingya found on Satun coast

SATUN ― Villagers rescued 219 Rohingya migrants after their ship ran aground in shallow water off the coast in tambon Khon Klann of Thung Wa district on Wednesday evening.

All of the passengers on the ship were male.

One of the Rohingya men said that the ship left Myanmar about two weeks ago to travel to Malaysia. Speaking through an interpreter, Prapan Khaodee, a kamnan of tambon Khon Klann, he added that their food and water supplies had run out nine days ago, forcing them to drink sea water.

Before being rescued by the locals, the Rohingya experienced strong currents and big waves in the Andaman Sea, forcing their vessel to run aground on a sandbank off the coast. They then swam to the beach where villagers found them. 

The villagers took the Rohingya to take shelter at a local government building, Mr Prapan said.  

Mr Prapan said administrative and navy officials had arrived at the building and would provide humanitarian assistance to the migrants

Source: Bangkokpost

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