Thursday, September 5, 2013

Daily Raids and Arbitrary Arrests Against Innocent Rohingyas Common in Maung Daw

M.S. Anwar | RvisionTV
September 4, 2013
Maung Daw, Arakan- After the rumors and false reports by some propaganda media of the supposed fighting between Hlun Htein (Security Forces) and Rohingya Solidarity Organizations (RSO) along Bangladesh-Myanmar Border [for more: click here], daily raids in Rohingya villages (in Maung Daw and Buthidaung) and subsequent arbitrary arrests of innocent Rohingyas bythe authority have become quite common nowadays.
“Many villages such as Quarter 2, Quater 3, Quarter 4, Shujah (Shwe Za) and Dayl Fara of Myoma Kayindan (Shikdar Fara) in Maung Daw have been raided and plundered. They say they are raiding the village to search for the RSO operatives reported to have entered Maung Daw. In fact, they also know that there is no such RSO operative exists or has entered Maung Daw.

Around 10PM on 27th August 2013, a joint force of Hlun Htein and Police raided the three houses in quarter two. The owners of the three houses are Aju S/o Mohammed Ali, Ali Johar (Money Exchange Businessman) and Zahir Ahmed S/o Rashid Ahmed respectively. They entered the houses breaking the fences and the gates down. They looted valuable properties and destroyed the rest.
Again on 31st August 2013 night, a joint force (numbering 60-70) of Police and Hlun Htein together with some Rakhine hooligans raided a few Rohingyas’ houses in quarter 3 and quarter 4. Besides, U Maung Hla Sein, a narcotic lord and the administrator of quarter 3, was also with them. He also runs a cinema theatre and constantly harasses Rohingya passers-by. He torched many Rohingyas’ house last year as well.
During the raid, they arrested five innocent Rohingyas from quarter three and two from quarter four. They are:
1) Farooque S/o Jamal from Quarter 3
2) Hefzu Rahman S/o Karim from Quarter 3
3) KasimS/o Aey Shah from Quarter 3
4) Yunoos S/o Bashar from Quarter 3
5) Zubair S/o Bashar from Quarter 3
6) Noor Kamal from Quarter 4
7) Syedu from Quarter 4
They were severely beaten and inhumanely tortured in the Police custody. Police later released the five Rohingyas from Quarter 3 having extorted Kyat 250,000 from each. The two Rohingyas from quarter 4 are still in Police custody” Sindhi Khan in Maung Daw reported.
“Moreover, during the raid in Qaurter 3, they beat a Rohingya woman named Fatema D/o Wares so severely that she can’t even move now” he added.

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