Friday, November 2, 2012

Rohingya appeal to world leaders

KUALA LUMPUR: Rohingya living in Malaysia have made a strong plea to world leaders to stop the ethnic cleansing of their countrymen in the Myanmar state of Arakan.

Five members of the Myanmar Ethnic Rohingyas Human Rights Organisation Malaysia (MERHROM) handed memorandums to the representatives of the British High Commission, the Chinese embassy, the United States embassy and the European Union Delegation of the European Commission here yesterday.
"The killing has to be stopped. We plead to the world superpowers to take immediate action to resolve this conflict and put an end to this ethnic cleansing" said MERHROM president Zafar Ahmad Abdul Ghani during the handing of the memorandum

Among the resolutions are:
THE United Nations security council  send a peace keeping mission to the state to monitor the situation;
BRINGING General Thein Sein, former General Thein Shwe and General Kyin Nyunt to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) for crimes against Rohingya and other ethnic groups of Myanmar;
PRESSURING the junta to stop the killings, torture and violence towards ethnic Rohingya; and,

HALTING economic and political relationships with Myanmar until the conflict is resolved.

It said the situation in the Arakan state had worsened since Oct 21 as violence by the military junta against the Rohingya Muslims left thousands dead and homeless.

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