About ARRC:

Arakan Rohingya Refugee Committee (ARRC) is a leading community organization of the Rohingya Burmese refugees in Malaysia, dedicated to advocate the causes of the refugees and asylum seekers through an effective measures in order to bring an end of the refugee phenomena.

Slogan of the ARRC
People for people, Human Rights for All
Preamble: The Arakan Rohingya Refugee Committee (ARRC) is a people based refugee organization that was formed on the 15th September 2007 by some genuine and suffering Rohingya Burmese refugees who are still languishing in Malaysia in sub-human condition, for the welfare of the Rohingya asylum seekers and refugees who left country to escape persecutions/with well-founded fear of being persecuted for the reasons of his/her race, religion, nationality, political opinion, membership in a particular social group or cultural orientation.

Based on proactive suggestions from the gathering of Rohingya Burmese masses in Ampang Tasik Permai on June 12, 2008, some efficient members have taken initiative to reform the committee for the advance of the Rohingyas’ representation.

Emergence of the ARRC:
The Rohingya Burmese refugees in Malaysia are facing a great challenge of collective representation as these people have gone into different groups or scattered by groups in order to have safeguarding for the Rohingya victims of persecution. But no quarter is accepting their legal refugee representation. Based on the situation, some elite Rohingya have come to understand that the fact towards a collective initiative in order to represent the causes of the Rohingya Burmese refugees in Malaysia with a view to finding permanent solution to their plight.

The Aims of the ARRC:

  • To Advocate the causes of the Rohingya asylum seekers and refugees in order to find permanent solution to their long-standing problems;

  • To help to cooperate each of the Rohingya and other refugee communities of Burma in building mutual understanding for a prosperous life of humanity;

  • To undertake all possible responsibilities to work together with concerned quarters of refugees that may includes the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR), governments, NGOs. Refugee Communities and etc.
The objective of the ARRC:

  • To bring durable solution to the refugee crises with parameter;

  • To develop refugee concept for their betterment;

  • To advocate refugee problems to the concerned quarters;

  • To educate refugees to promote understanding of necessary laws of host countries and refugee agencies 

  • To enhance cooperation among all people of Burma regardless of race, religion, color, culture and etc.

  • To look forward for national reconciliation in order to attain peaceful co-existence and to step forward for the rights of self-determination in their home;

  • To realize the interest of the whole nation is in general and the Rohingya Arakanese is in particular;

  • To bring peace, harmony and development in the fastest way to the masses of the people of this global village.
Strategic Programs:

  • To work for the emergence of talks on refugee issues that shall lead to a meaningful solution to the refugees crises;

  • To support and assist the international instruments such the UN’s 1951 Convention and its 1967 Protocol;

  • To support and assist the struggles of the legitimate Burmese refugee communities;

  • To work together in collective way in order to ensure the rights and facilities of refugees and asylum seekers;

  • To oppose all kinds of activities that stands against human rights and refugee interests;

  • To work to gain greater support for the Burmese refugees from the international community and to intensify international pressures on the Burmese military regie while striving for the United Nations Security Council’s Action.
Humanitarian Programs:

  • To seek cooperation to set up centers for the welfare of Rohingya Burmese refugees in Malaysia;

  • To invite to locate free clinics, mobile clinics for the welfare of Rohingya Burmese refugee community;

  • To find sponsors to extend all possible relief and assistances for poor and needy and to extend lump sum financial assistance to get marriage of poor girls, boys and funeral matters or other necessary/emergency issues;

  • To provide assistances to juveniles, orphans or who lost their guardians;

  • To share ideas and information with the Rohingya Burmese refugee community to consult their issues based on necessity.
 Education and Development Programs:

  • To invite concerned quarters to set up schools and educations centers to facilitate education for children and adults;

  • To seek cooperation to hold training on contemporary issues such as Human Rights and Diplomacy Trainings, Law awareness workshops, family planning, sexual and gender based violence (SGBV) and etc.

  • To seek assistance to hold dialogue with the concerned quarters to find a way of solution to the problems;

  • To find sponsors to uphold vocational and professional training for younger people and to conduct intensive courses on necessary topics or issues like cultural orientation.
Advocacy Programs:

  • To take initiative to step forward for focusing the plights of Rohingya Burmese through out media circulation;

  • To uphold documentation on all possible issues;

  • To strengthen campaign on human rights issues of the Rohingya in order to advocate the causes of Burmese Rohingya Arakanese;

  • To create strong network with various Non-Governmental Organizations, Governments and all concerned quarters including the International Community and United Nations Agencies for the betterment of Rohingya Burmese refugees;

  • To take effective measures to create lobby for the protection of the Rohingya Burmese refugees.
Upholding Activities:

  • Strengthening a practical task force for the services of the Rohingya Burmese people;

  • Opposing all phase of ill-treatments and marginalization of Rohingya Burmese refugees;

  • Encouraging and organizing the refugees to strengthen their belief;

  • Enhancing organizational efforts at the international level;

  • Encouraging the people for a better environment to work with different level of people and nations.
Organizational Structure:

  • Advisors                      3

  • Program Coordinator      1

  • General Coordinator       1

  • Area coordinator           6

  • Finance Coordinator       1

  • Additional Coordiantor     2

  • Ampang (Head Office)

  • Klang (Unit Office)

  • Serdang (Unit Office)

  1. Special Observation Team shall be set up to monitor and investigate the activities of the Coordinating Committee and views on the requirements of people.

  2. Based on the requirements, Coordinating Committee shall decide necessary amendment.
________People for People & Human Rights for All________

Contact Us:
PO Box-11882,
50760 Kuala Lumpur
Mobile: +60163094599

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