Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Appeal to protect the Rohingya Burmese Refugees in Malaysia

Press Release:

Our Ref: ST-002/2010

Dated: July 29, 2010

Appeal to protect the Rohingya Burmese Refugees in Malaysia

Today, the plights of Rohingya (Arakanese) refugees in Malaysia are being ignored by every concerned quarter for their belief, which is a total of negligence to the real cause.

Fact that, no quarter is eager to take measureable step to support the Rohingya vulnerable refugees, having an offer from the Malaysian Government that it will allow the refugees to do odd jobs.

Some quarters try to implicate that the Rohingya refugees are receiving helps from Muslim Malaysian government which is not bound to respect the rights of refugee protection regardless of race or religion and thus the government simply says that the refugees are illegal in the country.

In the current context of refugee advocacy, issue of Rohingya falls into a missing chapter, which is only because of denial of the citizenship rights by the Burmese military ruler with a systematic policy towards ethnic cleansing. By this option, many quarters apply the issue into statelessness for whom, no facility or right is left, except slavery.

In modern form of salvation, some of the Rohingya refugees have already ended over 30 years in Malaysia, who reached to 3rd generation but their fates remained unchanged.

It is undeniable that the Rohingya refugees are facing humanitarian challenges in Malaysia for their living, livelihood, medication and employment. In times of their illegal employment, they meet with unavoidable accidents that result to breaking hands, legs, bones, head injuries and etc for which no compensation or assistance is available as they are considered useless animals or scrub human being.

At the same times, Malaysian public hospitals are keen to develop training manual but face serious troubles in language variety.

Currently, hundreds of Rohingya refugees are facing challenges to pay house rents and to have daily food adequately as they are unable to work in any sector for the reasons of their long-term illness and inability to do odd jobs. In such situation, they are suffering from severe diseases with extreme poverty for which no appropriate medication is available because of their failure to unbearable hospital bills.

Inevitably, some of the elderly people, children and widows go out from their rental house to roadside to beg money or food for their survivals and to pay house rent but they are not free from law enforcement agencies' operation and thus get arrest and have to serve detention.

In time of getting release by UNHCR intervention, they need to pay bribe to UNHCR interpreters. Otherwise, have stay in the cage of over crowded detention camp. Besides, many intellectuals including responsible human rights advocates are trying to brand the Rohingya refugees as economic migrants in order to gain personal advantage, rather presenting the cause appropriately.

Some quarters always try to misguide the genuine Rohingya refugees, the victims of gross human rights abuses and enslavement in countries of their refuge. Therefore, request may be made to every concerned quarter to work with genuine Rohingya refugee community and dedicated Rohingya refugee representatives.

As of our commitment for the betterment of Rohingya Burmese refugees in Malaysia and ready to work together with every concern quarter in order to ensure the basic rights of Rohingya refugees in Malaysia.

Some links are provided for your kind information:

Coordinating Committee

Arakan Rohingya Refugee Committee (ARRC)


For further query, please contact:

Mr. Mohammad Sadek, H/p: +60163094599

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