Saturday, September 17, 2011

Humane reasons for processing asylum seekers offshore

Chris Bowen 
September 17, 2011

Chris, there is something of the righteous migrant stain in you and Julia. Your interviews seen here in Asia reek of gross ignorance of the real politik of both the incessant violence, threat, lack of hope, and more importantly lack of future for their children that drives people from their homes. It seems as though you also underground network that brings people here.. the high levels political, military and police contacts, which ensures the trade will never die, only those caught in the limbo of their services ensured by the deeply corrupt nature of both Indonesia and Malaysia.

If Australia was committed to stopping the boats it might do a wee bit more about stopping the wars and forms of oppression that cause them to leave, as well as refusing to participate in US resource adventurism. More importantly you could provide more DoI staff in the posts so that refugees and those who face all sorts of persecution are not forced into so called queue jumping where there simply is no queue. The deportation of the stateless Rohingyas a while ago a was a classic case in point.
The governments tactics remind me of the Goebbels mantra of 'tell a big lie and often' to justify your ineptitude in dealing with an ongoing humanitarian issue. Its going to get worse not better as economies and environments collapse so some decent forward thinking is needed now.. not merely reactionary dicking around. Australians are, by and large, bigger than you and your leader. Your arguments are as hollow it seems as you heart.

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