Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Wake up Malaysia: Protect Refugees and Asylum Seekers from Forced Labor and Human Trafficking

This is one of the good deeds we can do today for humanity. 

Health Equity Initiative (HEI) did a research on the mental health problems of Burmese refugees and asylum seekers in the Klang Valley who have experienced forced labour and human trafficking. They found:

·         61% of those who have worked full-time experienced forced labour.

·         70% of them had symptoms of depression and anxiety - this is 3x more than the normal population average.

This is an awareness campaign involving a petition the PM. The petition can be found here

For more info about the issue, check out the short (3 min) video here

Just your signature means a whole lot to the people behind this campaign and the lives of those they're trying to improve. That easy.

Siew Eng
CIJ programme officer

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