Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Doctors neglect the Rohingya Refugee paitent in Bangladesh Camp

Ukhiya, Bangladesh: A registered refugee minor girl from Kutupalong official refugee camp fell into a damaged reservoir and died on February 24, said a refugee from the camp.
Jannet Ara, the girl who fell into reservoir and died, at her shack

“The minor girl fell into the reservoir while she was playing with other refugee children, but the reservoir is on the way and nearby school No. 8.It is also refugees walk path.”

The deceased was identified as Jannat Ara (7), MRC# Z 0288 Block-E, daughter of Aman Ullah of Kutupalong official camp.

According to sources, one side of reservoir has been damaged since long time. The neighboring refugees of the reservoir, complained to the Research Training Management and International (RTMI), but the RTMI didn’t pay any attention to repair it.

The damaged reservoir  after rescued the refugee girl

Suddenly, Jannat Ara fell and sank into dirty water when some refugees saw and went to the spot.

However, the refugees recovered her and brought to refugee clinic for treatment, but doctors declared, she died.

According to refugees, the doctors of Kutupalong official refugee clinic are neglecting the refugee patients. There was  no doctor and staffs in the clinic when the young girl arrived at clinic and not able to check the girl on time.

Source: Kaladan Press

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