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Human Rights Must Be Ensured Immediately for the Rohingya Refugees

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Joint Media Statement
Shura and MAPIM
24th February 2012
On this day 24th February 2012 a special workshop conference diadaka by the Secretariat of Asia Scholars Assembly (Shura) and the Malaysian Consultative Council of Islamic Organizations (MAPIM) to discuss the fate of Rohingya refugees.
(Shura) and (MAPIM) urged the Human Rights (HAM) in Myanmar's Rohingya back and protected. .
All ethnic groups are Muslims now faced with persecution from Myanmar's junta since 1992 under the military operations NaSaKa.
So far the fate of the ethnic Rohingya Muslim refugees became very sad and not only in the state of Myanmar, but also outside of Myanmar refugees.
Statistics of the Rohingya refugees had already reached more than half a million in countries such as Bangladesh, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia.
Today in Bangladesh, they were in the camp of the very poor and hundreds of thousands who fled from Myanmar living in the worst case scenario without a future. Rohingya refugee camps in Bangladesh is the worst in this dunia.Setakat they live suffer and die in refugee camps or to flee by sea to build a life elsewhere. Humanitarian aid is very little that can be extended to them.
UN agency United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) so this can not defend the fate of the Rohingya refugees. Rohingya refugees could not return to Myanmar and Bangladesh are allowed to integrate in to get citizenship. Migrated to other countries only is their choice.Ethnic Rohingya refugees in other countries through the suffering that is very sad.
Fate of those who still live in the territory of Arakan (now Rakhine) more miserable human rights ternafi. Now do not have the ethnic Rohingya in Myanmar kewarnegaraan itself. Tealh military regime gives two options: accept the cultural life and become a Buddhist Barman or out of Myanmar.
Now the fate of Rohingya is undergoing a process of elimination. ("A people at the Brink of extermination.")
Peace and Development Council (SPDC), which is Myanmar's most powerful body does not recognize ethnic "Rohingya". They will not be included in one of 135 ethnic groups in Myanmar. Therefore they are not given full citizenship under the Citizenship law of 1982.
Military junta regime has restricted the movement of Rohingya in that State, They were forced to get permission to move from one village to another village. This rule does not apply to other ethnic groups. This is against the Article 13 of the Declaration of UDHR (Universal Declaration of Human Rights).
Rohingya persecuted by making their forced labor. Their lands were seized for was made as a "model Villages". Land taken without compensation. It also violates international law in the CRC and CEDAW convention is signed by Myanmar's government.
Rohingya ethnic persecution in the form of taxes also are very pressing. All high-taxed agricultural.
Since 1992 they are also not allowed to marry without permission from the military .. If they have obtained permission to a very high tax.
Glad UNHCR and NGOs and UN agencies do not protect the rights of Rohingya. Refugee after September 1992 are not recognized by the UN. Today, more than 350,000 fled to Bangladesh. Report of the International Federation of Human Rights League (FIDH) has criticized the UNHCR who do not fulfill the mandate for the right memlindungi Rohingya refugees.
We feel disappointed that this world from the OIC does not membantuk to help the fate of the Rohingya refugees. So far the issue of Rohingya are not given attention by the OIC and Islamic NGOs.
We urge the Malaysian government to give urgent attention to the ethnic Rohingya refugees in this country. In the estimate of between 20,000-40,000 Rohingya refugees in Malaysia and the documents they have only the UNHCR. That many of them do not get the UNHCR as a very slow process.
We are very concerned about their fate, especially among children, women, youth, senior citizens who fled to Malaysia but did not get proper defense agencies semada through existing or from the local community.
We urge that their children be allowed to go to school in the national schools. The Ministry of Education shall provide flexibility on the basis of future humanitarian aid to Rohingya children in this country.
We also demand that the health service facility Rohingya refugees are also given so that they are not pressured to pay the fees of private health services is high.
To that end we are also looking to the registration of the Rohingya refugees in UNHCR they should be given the opportunity to seek employment in Malaysia. Otherwise they are very dark future.
We recommend that the Government of Malaysia expressed the fate of Rohingya Muslims to OIC so wrong on Myanmar junta they stopped and their rights protected. OIC can not turn a blind eye to the fate of the Rohingya only because they are not in the OIC.
We demand that the ASEAN Secretariat's role is to safeguard the Rohingya. Myanmar must be remembered that the conditions of their participation in the ASEAN should also involve the question of human rights.


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