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Rohingya Should Join in International Dialogue

UNHCR representative discusses Rohingya repatriation with Food Minister

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Reported on: May 27, 2012 19:45 PM
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News - UNHCR representative discusses Rohingya repatriation with Food Minister
Dhaka, May 27 (UNB) – Regional Representative of the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) James Lynch met Food and Disaster Management Minister Dr M Abdur Razzak at his office on Sunday.

During the meeting, they discussed various issues, including Rohingya refugee problem.

James Lynch said a meeting has been convened in Bangkok followed by a conference in Bali, Indonesia to decide on the method of refugee repatriation where Bangladesh can play raise its voice regarding repatriation of the Rohingya refugees.

He said talks are continuing with the Myanmar government to repatriate about 25,000 registered Rohingyas from Bangladesh. “The Myanmar government did not discuss the issue in the past. But now the situation has improved much and it is paying heed to the problem,” he said.

The Food and Disaster Management Minister underscored the need for finding out the root cause of the migration of the refugees to effectively deal with the refugee problem.

He said Bangladesh, being a poor country, has been giving shelter and assistance to the Rohingyas for the last 20 years on humanitarian consideration.

The Food Minister further said the Rohingya refugee problem is no longer a problem of Bangladesh only. “It has turned into an international issue.”

Disaster Management and Relief Secretary Dr M Aslam Alam said step will be taken to organise an international dialogue in Cox’s Bazar to discuss the overall situation of North Rakhaine State of Myanmar on humanitarian ground.

A similar dialogue was earlier held in Singapore, he said.
Source: UNB Connect

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