Saturday, June 9, 2012

Daily Press Briefing - June 8, 2012 ( U.S Department of State )

QUESTION: Sure. Just briefly, there’s been some violence in Burma, Myanmar, regarding the Muslim minority. Do you have anything to say about the violence itself or more broadly about the treatment of the Rohingya minority in Burma?

 MS. NULAND: We are deeply concerned about the reports that a mob killed 10 individuals, Muslim pilgrims, pulling them from a bus and beating them to death near the border of Rohingya state and Bago division in Burma on June 3rd. We are obviously saddened by this tragic loss of life. I think it speaks to the importance of the government and the minorities redoubling efforts on a peace process that includes ceasefire and real negotiations.

Victoria Nuland

Daily Press Briefing

Washington, DC

June 8, 2012 

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