Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Open fired on Gawdusara village, Maungdaw south

Army open fired on Gawdusara village Toady noon and the villagers – young and elder male- run away from village to escape fear of arrest.  The village become unrest and only female are staying in their houses. The female are also fear for rape and harassment.

Arrest and beat

Balwin a private tuition teacher from Ward number 1 was arrested today morning. Yesterday night, Zaw Zaw Let a private tuition teacher from Ward number 2 ( Fayazee para) was arrested .

Nur Kamal son of Syed Amin from Shwezarr was arrested yesterday night.
Fayas – nail shop owner- and his son  from Ward number 5was arrested by police yesterday night after beating in the house.

Kaisar son of Bashar from Asheeka para ( Paungzarr)  yesterday night.

Syed Alam ( ex-village chairman) with other 16 villagers from Labawzarr were arrested yesterday night.
Osman son Syedul Rahaman  from Sarforddin bill was arrested yesterday night.

Rakhine from Ward number 4 beat Alam  45 year old a staff of Maungdaw court who fell down on the road unconsciousness and no security force protected the old men from Rakhine.

Looting and robbery
Police personnel from Maungdaw police station entered to the house of Fayas (nail shop owner) robbed   816.5 gram of gold and 1o million kyats. The police officers also loot the household item.

Army is looting the village of Gawdusara today after open firing to the village.

Collaborators making difficulty the village situation
Molana Jamal son of Moonsur  (ex-police) and son in law of Abul ( ex- clerk  of Cooperative shop) of Shwezarr village  is informing to authority against Rohingya from Shwezarr. Yesterday authority 10 Rohingya elders from Shwezarr where   Nur Kamal son of Syed Amin was arrested by authority and others flee for fear of arrest. Jamal is informing to the local Burma border security force (Nasaka)  since last 7 year  to harass the villagers, according to an elder from Maungdaw. “we don’t know  many people are in the list which  Jamal gave to authority.”

The Burmese authority is using a new tactic which made Maungdaw town upside down – younger male and leading  village elders  were arrested   with lists where they authority said they have photo who create the problem. But, acutely the photos were from family photograph which Nasaka yearly took as a family list checking project and the collaborators also supporting the authority to harass the Rohingya people. So, the Rohingya again start to flee to Bangladesh by small boats – only able to board 10-13 people-  as the Rohingya are fleeing for fear of arrest as Burmese armies are picking up Rohingya young people village by village with their so called list, according to a young Rohingya from Maungdaw. “The authority now picked up those who is like smart or worked before any organization, educated person.”

Source: Kaladan

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