Monday, June 18, 2012

Rohingyas Should Be Given Protection, Says ABIM

KUALA LUMPUR, June 15 (Bernama) -- The Malaysian Muslim Youth Movement (ABIM) has raised concerns over Bangladesh closing its borders to the Muslim minority Rohingyas fleeing ethnic violence in Myanmar.

ABIM secretary-general Mohamad Raimi Ab Rahim said the Rohingyas should be given protection in line with Article 1 of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights on equal rights for all and Article 33(1) of the 1951 Convention on the status of refugees.

"A memorandum of protest will be sent to the Bangladesh High Commissioner to urge the government to open its borders and provide them protection," he said at the ABIM office, here Friday.

Ethnic Rohingyas and Rakhines in the western state of Rakhine, Myanmar have been experiencing ongoing conflicts. Another spate of violence against the Rohingya community reportedly erupted several days ago.

The Rohingya Ulama Council president Jaber Mohd Subahan, who was present at the press conference, alleged that on June 8 the Buddhist, Rakhine community supported by the police and army attacked the minority Rohingyas in Maungdaw and Sittwe towns.

Jaber appealed to the United Nations, European Union and Asean to urgently deal with the ethnic conflict and violence.


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