Friday, September 28, 2012

An open Letter Director General of ARU and Sectary General Of OIC

On Fri, Sep 28, 2012 at 7:06 PM, Maung Hla Myint KTW <> wrote:
Dear Director General of ARU and Sectary General Of OIC
Assalamu Alikum,
With due respect,We are praying to Almighty Allah to bless all of you.It is scarring me to write detail what happening here.We are passing day and night praying to Allah to save us because we don't know what going to happen tomorrow.It is very well plan to kill all of us and also it is very well organize.I think they will kill us without gun.Neither we have medicine nor food.Rakhine Mobs started gathering this afternoon at Oo Ottama Park. Despite presence of authority in the area, Rakhine Mob could proceed with  guns and knives etc and surround the remaining Rohingya areas in the town of Sittwe, anytime they can attack to Muslim Village.We are surviving here barely with small food and no medicine.Our sick,old ,young and injuries are dieing every hours.
May you know  after the declaration of Rathidaung conference they become very aggressive.They have been decided not to keep any Muslim House in the town or on the side of any Major Road.They declare to size all immovable Muslim's properties by any mean if necessary killing all Muslim in Arakan.They also asking not to open any OIC office on Arakan soil.All jail in Arakan are same to Abugarib of Baghdad for us even worst than Abugarib,it all  jail are silent killing palace.In Arakan anyone from Muslim community, they want they can kill, there is no Justice,judge themselves are killer,Arakan is no save place for Muslim.Our daily life here is hell.According to my best knowledge ,seeking help from currant Burmese Government is westing time and losting more innocent life.Than Sein Government is fully implementing exactly what he said to UNHCR High Commissioner.If a second country don't take us they will kill us systematically silently.We are not strong enough to fight against a mighty military government.Our people and our leader need to understand the situation of Arakan.In this situation, you should try to fine a safe place for us rather than seeking our citizenship from Myanmar Government.If we can not survive/we can not live here what for citizenship here?It is a method of systematic ethnic cleansing and genocide against the Rohingya community, which had never been used in any country in the world .
I don't know I will be here tomorrow or not,but if you want you can save  at least half of the Rohingya or they have to die without food and without Medicine.Thank You.
Maung Hla Myint

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