Saturday, September 15, 2012

RCI, NDPHR (exile-HQ) and BRAFA Rally in Front of UN (HQ) under Burma Task Force-USA

The Rohingya Concern International (RCI), The National Democratic Party for Human Rights (exile-HQ) USA and Burmese Rohingya American Friendship Association (BRAFA) actively demonstrated to show support and solidarity as well as condemning the on-going violence and pre-planned massacre to the Genocide victim Muslims such as Rohingya, Kaman and Rakhine Muslim of Arakan/Burma under the banner of Burma Task Force, NY, on September 08, 2012 with a huge rally of approximately 600 Americans including the Rohingyas.
The other active organizations behind the rally in the Burma Task Force (NY) were Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA), Muslim Ummah of North America (MUNA), Muslim Peace Coalition of USA, Jamaica Islamic Center (NY), Council of American-Islamic Relations-NY (CAIR), and Burmese Rohingya Association of North America (BRANA).
Many American Muslim dignitaries, leaders, human rights advocates, and Rohingya leaders from the United States delivered speeches in the Rally moderated by Dr. Shaikh Obaid, the Director of the Burma Task Force-USA/NY.
The Speakers included Mr.Mohiuddin M Yusof (President of Rohingya Concern International(RCI),Mr.Kyaw Soe Aung (aka)Shaukhat MSK Jilani (the General Secretary of NDPHR(exile-HQ)USA and Acting President of Burmese Rohingya American Friendship Association (BRAFA), Al-Hajj Talib Abdur Rasheed (President of Islamic Leadership Council of New York Metropolitan Area), Mubasher Ahmed ( Islamic Circle of North America-ICNA), Abu Samia Siraj ( Muslim Ummah of North America), Mazim (Jamaica Muslim Center), Imam Ayub Abdul Bhaqi( Chairman of the Social Justice Committee & Islamic Leadership of New York Metropolitan Area), Naji Al-Muntasir ( Leader of Arab American Community), Dr. Wakar Uddin and Nay San Oo from Burmese Rohingya Association of North America (BRANA) , and Abu Samia Siraj (Leader of the Muslim Ummah of North America), and several leaders.
It was a historic event in front of the United Nations (HQ) where Muslim American women and young girls actively and strongly advocated and demonstrated their solidarity for the suffering cause of Muslim Rohingya people.
Some active Rohingya activists from America such as Mr.Yusof (aka)Ko Aye Tun from Garden City (Kansas),Mr.Junaid from New York (Buffalo),Mr. Zubair Ahmad @ Maung Ni from Milwaukee, Mr.Kamal Hussain from Milwaukee, Mr.Sayed Karim @ Khaing Hla Myint from Milwaukee, Mr. Hiram Shah @ Maung Win from Milwaukee, Mr. Ayub Khan from Milwaukee, Hajee Mohammad Ibrahim from Chicago, and Mr. Sultan Omar from Chicago participated in the demonstration under the banner of RCI,NDPHR and BRAFA respectively.
“President of RCI Mr. Muhiuddin Mohammad Yusof @ Maung Sein delivering the speech in the rally in front of UN (HQ)in New York City.”
Mr. Mohiuddin M Yusof ,the RCI president delivered the speech in English and Bangala languages which was short due to lack of material time in which he said of failure the global united response for immediate action on Rohingyas' suffering, demanded immediate restoration of Rohingyas' Citizenship rights repealing 1982 Myanmar citizenship law adopted by the military Government without the mandate of Burmese general masses, urged the democracy icon Daw Aung San suu Kyi to stand for justice and Rights of Rohingyas, condemned the instigation of Buddhist Monks (not all but those who are anti Rohingyas and Muslims) who are poisoning the minds and souls of Burmese population with hatred and enmity instead of love and (Metta) passion against the Rohingyas, expressed concern of the majority Burmese population united on Racism or form of extreme Buddhism against the Rohingyas, chanted slogan urging the President Obama to protect the Rohingyas.Moreover, taking consideration of majority Bangladeshi brothers and sisters in the Rally, Mr. Mohiuddin M Yusof spoken out in Bangla language absolutely denying the claim of the honorable Foreign Minister of secular Bangladesh Government Dipu Moni that Rohingyas in collaboration with Jamat-e-Islami and other fundamentalist/extremist Islamic organizations are creating problems in Arakan/Burma, he also fervently requested the honorable Bangladesh President Zillur Rahman and honorable Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheik Hasina Wajeda not to take any action or sign any document with Burmese Government that may hamper or threat the future and survival of Rohingyas of Burma.
Finally, on behalf of two million world-wide Rohingyas and 1.5 million oppressed and suppressed Muslims in Burma particularly, those one million who are the victims of Genocide in Arakan fervently appealed and requested 160 million peace loving and humanity-caring Bangladeshi people irrespective of race, religion and language to come forward and urge united way to the Bangladesh Government to help the Rohingya cause so that, Rohingyas can live in their native land Arakan as human being with honor and dignity enjoying all rights enshrined in the Universal declaration of human rights adopted by UN and signed by Burmese Government.
 “The General Secretary of NDPHR (exile-HQ)USA Mr. Kyaw Soe Aung @ Shaukhat MSK Jilani speaking with the Journalist from Columbia University in New York.”
Mr. Kyaw Soe Aung @ Shaukhat MSK Jilani, the General Secretary of NDPHR(exile-HQ)USA and Acting President of Burmese Rohingya American Friendship Association (BRAFA) said the Rohingyas are bonafied citizens of Burma according to 1947 Burma constitution which was laid down by General Aung San, the independence hero and father of the nation of Burma,1982 Myanmar citizenship law adopted by the late General Ne Win is totally discriminatory and falsehood as well as against the international human rights law which must be repealed right now, the Rohingyas are victims of Genocide of Burmese Government for many decades, the on-going genocide against the Muslims of Arakan is crime against humanity and it is time to bring Burmese Generals of current Government to International Criminal Court (ICC)and International Court of Justice (ICJ) as it is not excusable by any means, demanded the President Obama (US Government) and world bodies to take action of these brutal Generals into Criminal court as done before in Rawaznda, Yugoslavia and other countries, he also rejected strongly the racism in all forms, totalitarianism, ethnic cleansing and genocide in Burma, finally he requested to put US forces together UN peace keeping forces and monitoring units in Arakan for protection of the helpless Rohingyas in Arakan region of Burma.
“General Secretary of NDPHR(exile-HQ-USA)& Acting President of BRAFA giving speech at the gathering in front of the United Nations (HQ)in New York City.”
The other speeches by all respective speakers were already available in the Media and YouTube, so, not repeated here.
The RCI, NDPHR (exile-HQ) USA and BRAFA leadership and members would like to express the heart-felt thanks and appreciation to all those leaders, activists, participants, contributors and speakers who are engaged to support the Burmese Muslim Rohingya Cause under the banner of Burma Task Force USA for giving us an opportunity to express our views and opinions in the Rally of NYC in front of UN (HQ).
Yours truly,
(1)Mohiuddin M Yusof (President of RCI)
(2)Kyaw Soe Aung @ Shaukhat MSK Jilani (NDPHR-exile)
(3)Zubair Ahmad (Acting Secretary of BRAFA)
(4)Yusof @ Ko Aye Tun (RCI-Representative in Kansas)
(5)Junaid (Secretary of RCI)
Media Contact: - (1) Kyaw Soe Aung @ Shaukhat MSK Jilani
                                                        Tel: 414-736-4273
                                        (2)  Zubair Ahmad @ Maung Ni (Tel: 414-306-1751)
Note: Demonstration pictures are attached with this news information. Please download pictures.
Thank you all.

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