Monday, October 8, 2012

Demonstration during President Thein Sein's Asia Society Speech in NYC.

New York City
September 27 , 2012

The Rohingya Concern International (RCI)actively participated under the banner of Burma Task Force/New York in the demonstration held on September 27,2012
while Burmese President Thein Sein was delivering a speech at Asia Society/NYC which was led by Dr. Sheik Ubaid of BTF/NY.

The President and Secretary of RCI, Mohiuddin M Yusof and Junaid Uddin , both gave speeches in English and Burmese respectively.

Here is the link to listen the speech.
There was chanting too such as STOP GENOCIDE and STOP KILLING with banners.

In his speech RCI- President said that Rohingyas are bonafied citizens and an imdegenous people of Burma/Myanmar. He said that Rohingyas are the victims of a pre-planned Genocide.

If the destruction of a whole community, hindering the growth of a community through limiting the birth rate, destroying villages, burning homes and religious institution and the places of worship, killing children, men and women, raping, looting and confiscating the land and commercial stores and business, denying human rights, inflicting inhuman atrocities on innocent civilians are not crimes against humanity or genocide then how we have to define genocide or ethnic cleansing.

Quoting the speech of President Thein Sein in UN General Assembly that everyone in Burma disregarding race, religion, sex or language are entitled to live in peace and security, RCI-President said "what about the Rohingya people in Arakan region, still the Rohingyas are not in peace and security but suffering in all forms physical, mental and materially.

He urge the President to take care of the matter of Rohingya people as soon as he is back in the country.

He also said that Ethnic cleansing and genocidal activities against Muslim Rohingyas will not be acceptable to world community and the Burma Task Force USA will not sit idly until the situation in Arakan and restoration of Rohingyas human rights are established as President promised in UN speech.

Mr. Junaid Uddin, the secretary of RCI in his Burmese language speech said the President Thein Sein of Union of Burma has full responsibility to protect the Rohingyas in Arakan/Burma who are the victims of ethnic cleansing.

Here is the link of Junaid Uddin's speech-
Many other people also gave speeches in the demonstration.

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