Monday, October 22, 2012

Southern Arakan is Burning

After gaining remarkable political achievement during Thin Sein along with Daw Suu tour to US ,Rohingyas feel fearful victim again. Thein Sein won international free licence to finish the remaining Rohingyas. After returning from US ,he   cancelled a diplomatic humanitarian agreement with OIC. He organized many demonstration against OIC,UN and News Media.His new tacic is working now. Rohingyas' last establishments are burning now. First state sponsor genocide was materialized against the Rohingyas. Now International sponsored genocide has been seen especially ancient villages in SOUTH ARAKAN where Rohingyas become small percentage after 1942 MASSACRE.

     The OIC and some ASEAN countries ,US ,EU and international NGOs are very busy to collect and send Humanitarian aids to dying Rohingyas, the Thien Sein Regime is very busy to get US Military help and join army exercises in Thailand. By achieving US endorsement ,Thien Sein Regime is randomly started genocide against TRohingyas.

    We asked many times international protection and UN peace keeping forces but in vain .Instead The US and UN started softening policy to ward Thien Sein .
Now ,who will give us protection ??
Min Bya Township
  1-. Paisake Ywa (Zalla Para) was set fire 11 pm on 21 octber and some Rohingyas were killed (5 person on the spot).Many missing.People run to find safe area but the racists are stand by to hunt Rohingyas with Auto Rifel and long sowords.

 2.Turali Para was set fire  at 7 PM today.Rohingyas fate are the same as mentioned above.
 3.Pawkse Village has been burning now . Some died .not yet known detail . Many missing.

Patorkilla (Mrouk Oo) Town Ship

1. Parin Village is burning now. Gun fire are there . Unknown causalities are there . Rohingyas are running to unknown destination .

Powktaw Town Ship

I. Puran Para .has been burning since early morning to day 220 houses were blazed . Many killed . The government forces said to the Rohingya run to wards Bangladesh and lives are not save there.
2. Naya para . More than 100 houses were burned this morning and some killed .All the villagers are on run .Gun shots are heard.
     The govt. forces said to Rohingya to leave the Township.

Kyawtaw Township

Killing and missing are seen a very where. Moug are seen with rifle and short guns .Warn the Rohingyas to leave the Kyawktaw.

Sandama ,MyourKul Area
----Since one week, wide spread rape have been committed by govt. forces. This area is a locked one .Only by boat local can get stuffs from Akyab (Sistwe). No food ,medicines there.

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