Sunday, February 10, 2013

Wake Up to Save Rohingyas!

The international community should not ignore the inhuman suffering of the innocent unarmed civilian Rohingyas and Kaman people of Arakan state, Burma , their loss of lives, destruction and painful sacrifices rendered by the pre-planned massacre blue-print of extremist Rakhine racist leadership under Dr.Aye Maung and Dr.Aye Chan with the political mask of RNDP , the current ruling party of Arakan collaborated by the under cover armed-activities of Arakan Liberation Party (ALP) insurgent group recently persuaded by the Rakhine leadership to surrender and implement the Rohingya slaughtering project of RNDP legal party of Burma.
The Muslim people of Arakan irrespective of the Rohingya and Kamen ethnicity were the victims of state sponsored genocide and displacement from their original dwellings and villages all over Arakan on the basis of their ethnicity and religion who are the native people of the land of Arakan renamed as Rakhine state by the previous military Govt.

The Rohingyas inside Burma and the diaspora Rohingya community are engaged in promoting the politics of reconciliation in the country as its leadership believes in dialogue and politics of reconciliation. Rohingyas were inviting Rakhine parties for dialogues for steering the homeland Arakan out of crises. however,some Racist and extremist Rakhine Political jugglers were trying to show their muscles for their personal gains as the backdoors to violence had been kept open by the President Thein Sein’s Govt.

We sincerely and honestly call upon all the main stream Rohingya political parties in Burma to be united and shun their political differences for the political and survival stability in Burma which is vital for strengthening Rohingya national survival cause globally.

We also urge the Rohingya daispora to unite under the banner of ARU reforming its organization and forming a reliable Rohingya representative leadership to seek political solution of Rohingyas in the forth-coming Rohingya national congress expected to be held in June 2013.

The nasty practices of President Thein Sein’s Govt. were enough to shake the conscience of the international community, however, the western media and most powerful countries are not taking serious interest to save the Rohingyas except verbal condemnation and sympathetic statements whereas the entire Rohingya nation is at the brink of extinction.

We strongly urge the world community including the UN , USA ,EU, ASEAN and OIC to use its influence to pressurize the Government of President Thein Sein for halting larger scale human rights violations, custodial killings and genocide of the oppressed Rohingya and Kamen indegenous people of Arakan

We also appeal the UN veto holding countries and other peace loving international NGOs to put strong diplomatic pressure and ensure early implementation of President Thein Sein’s promise in his speech at UN General Assembly in 2012 for the amicable solution of the Rohingya problem according to the international norms .

Mohiuddin Mohamd-Yusof
Rohingya Concern International (RCI)
New York, USA
Tel: 1-202-594-2548

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