Monday, March 4, 2013

Secrete killing increase in Maungdaw

Maungdaw, Arakan State: Secrete killing of Rohingya community is going increased in Maungdaw since beginning of 2013, according to an officer from Maungdaw, who didn’t want to named.

The dead body of Sayed Ullah on the ground
The dead body of Sayed Ullah on the ground 
“There are more than 13 Rohingyas and one Rakhine were killed by unknown miscreants, but most of Rohingya believed the killing was made by security forces, Natala villagers and case-fire arms group – Rakhine.”

The authority also didn’t able to find out or arrest, the killers of innocence people- Rohingyas and Rakhine-and the situation in northern Arakan seen, Rohingyas are sufferer and facing so many harassment but some Rohingyas stand to fight for their rights and some leaves their home land, the officer said.

Sayed Ullah (35), son of Mohamed Siddique hailed from Udaung village under Burma border security force (Nasaka) area 8, Maungdaw is a Rohingya – betel leaves farmer – was killed in his betel leaves farm house on March 1 at about 10:00pm, was found on March 2, morning, according to a village administration office member.

“The betel leaves farm house is near the mountain side and Natala village ( Rakhine) and the Rohingya community believed he was killed by Natala villagers as there were only moving two kind of people – Rakhine (Natala) and security personnel.”

Some of his colleagues –watching their farms- saw some Natala villagers were rounding near Sayed’s farms and heard some voice but they were not able to check Sayed’s farms as it is too dark, said one of Sayed colleague.

In the morning, his colleagues found Sayed was dead, laying on the ground with dagger wounded.

Police personnel from Alaythan Kyaw went to the spot after getting information, but the police didn’t do anything and not released the dead body nor to send to the hospital.

Later, the dead body was released to Sayed’s family to take to their home where they will bury in the village graveyard. But, the relatives had to pay money to the village administration officer ( Rakhine) to do this, said an elder from the village.

Similarly, Abdul Rahaman, son of Abdul Hakhim hailed from Kiliadaung village  was killed by unknown miscreants while he was watching his cow and buffalo in the grassing ground  on February 28, according to a watch dog of killing Rohingya in Northern Arakan.

“The Rohingyas are killing one by one each day in daytimes or night, in the field or villages but nobody care of Rohingya killing even the law enforcement and no one was arrest since the New Year (2013) started.”

Besides, Two Rohingyas on February 26, by Natalan Villagers, four Rohingya minor children from one family on February 9 by unknown, four Rohingyas killed inside custody of Nasaka camp under area number 5 and  one Rohingya on January 28 by army personnel of LIBs 352. One Rakhine killed on February 9 by unknown. The authority are arresting Rohingya community for this Rakhine with false allegation and no action for so many Rohingyas were killed  in the same times –later and before. It seen, the Rohingya community from northern Arakan are not human being, no law and order for them, no need to follow the basic Human rights, according to a politician from Maungdaw.
“Burma well-known politician and rights activist said “Law and order need to restore in northern Arakan”. Yes, it need for people from northern Arakan - Rohingya and Rakhine- to stay peacefully, but now it look, only for Rakhine not for Rohingya.
Source: kaladanpress

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