Sunday, April 28, 2013

Rohingya Muslims

It’s certainly disheartening to see that the international community, including human rights organizations, is remaining mysteriously silent on atrocities being committed on Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar.

Not one step has been taken to halt the wanton killings of hundreds of innocent Muslims, torching of their mosques, burning of their properties. Buddhist monks are wreaking havoc and they are not being reined in either by the Burmese authorities or by the so-called world powers. Nobel Laureate Aug Sang Suu Kyi is noticeably silent. Only once she responded when probed by saying that she felt unhappy over the reported occurrences. In fact, the Burmese government is backing this merciless ethnic cleansing of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar. Government functionaries, security forces, community front-runners and monks are instigating local population to conduct coordinated raids on Muslim villages.

It’s pity that these Muslims living in Myanmar since ages have been forced to live under merciless conditions. The crimes committed by the government and its security forces coincide with the lifting of all remaining sanctions by the EU, except the arms embargo. The EU’ move was untimely and ill fated and would lessen its influence on the criminal Myanmar regime. More than 125,000 Muslims have been forcibly displaced, without access to humanitarian aid. The dilemma of the Rohingya Muslims is awful and the world in turning a blind eye to their misery. — Shiraz yousaf Ghumman, New York

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