Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Two Rohingya Muslim women indecently assaulted by Police, Burma

Police along with a tabbe have sexually abused the mother and sister of a Muslim man after failing to apprehend him, according to Burma Times local correspondent.

The incident took place in the volatile village of Kiladong also known as Du Char Yar Taan in Maungdaw South.

In 2014, police made a long list of Kiladong villagers. The list was made in the aftermath of the infamous massacre when a Rakhine mob backed by security forces killed scores of Muslims, especially women and children.

The accused people mostly fled over the border to Bangladesh. Those who did not were arrested and tortured.

One of the fugitives is a 24 year man who desperately wanted to see his three children. He took the very risky decision to cross back into Arakan to meet his wife and children in Kiladong.

After he entered the village, tabbe Sultan was alerted to his presence. At around 4pm on Sunday, 10 policemen along with Sultan raided the house of the man.

However the man escaped just in time.

When the raiders discovered that the man had already escaped, they went inside and extracted revenge by sexually abusing the wife and sister.

The identity of the man has been concealed by Burma Times.

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